Solar Panel Roof Check

We work with local authorities and solar power companies to assess and certify solar arrays when carrying out a solar panel roof check. We assess the structure of farms, schools, factories, workshops and hundreds of domestic residences with the aim of putting sustainable and environmental solutions at the forefront of our design principals.

Structural implications always need to be considered when if you are thinking of fitting solar panels, either PV or thermal, to your property.  Solar installers will carry out a survey prior to fitting the panels but the additional loading to the roof structure should be evaluated by a Structural Consultant.

ASA Structural Consultants have inspected multiple types of roofs, and in most cases find that the additional weight of the panels can be safely carried by the roof.  In some cases though, strengthening work is necessary prior to installation.  We can prepare the necessary calculations in these instances, providing you with the reassurance that the fitting of the panels can proceed without incident.

We are cover the South East of England, including; Essex, East & West Sussex, North East London and South London.

Structural Engineer Roof Check Solar Panel